Middle Township is seeking its 2017 Top Dog! The number one canine of 2017 will represent the Middle Township Animal Advisory Board on its website and Facebook page as well as be featured on various flyers and displays throughout the year. The 2017 Top Dog will be awarded a 2017 license and a “fetching” basket of canine treats. Eligible dogs must be altered and have a current rabies vaccination and license.

Residents can nominate their dogs by emailing photographs of their pooches to Dawn Stimmel at dstimmel@middletownship.com by Dec. 15, 2016. Submissions should include the dog’s name as well as the owner’s name, address and phone number. One photo per dog, please.

Entries will be posted on the Middle Township Animal Advisory Board’s Facebook page (MTAnimalAdvisoryBoard) beginning December 15, 2016. Votes may be cast until December 25th. and the winner will be announced on December 28th. The 2017 Top Dog caregivers will be awarded the free license and goodie basket at a Committee Meeting in January 2017.

Committeeman Tim Donohue stated that the Top Dog contest serves as a reminder to protect dogs with a rabies vaccination and a license. A license advertises that a dog is protected from rabies. It is a ticket home for a lost dog and spares the dog from another vaccination, if s/he happens to be sheltered. License fees provide free rabies vaccinations at community clinics, contribute to a State spay/neuter program and assist in creating emergency and disaster programs.

Currently, the Middle Township Animal Advisory Board is updating township Code for animals and exploring ideas to reduce barking and increase clean up after pets. Volunteers and donations of gently used igloo-style doghouses are always welcome.  Residents can share their ideas by leaving a comment on the Board’s web page at www.middletownship.com or by emailing Dawn Stimmel at dstimmel@middletownship.com.