From the Office of Middle Township Mayor Timothy Donohue:


This week, we embarked on an important initiative to reorganize and redefine the Administrative function in Middle Township.

The impact of the steps we have taken (which will implement a change in the day to day direction and leadership of our hometown), signal a fresh approach that I believe will refocus us on our primary objectives and offer better services at a lower cost to the taxpayers.

Middle Township residents deserve a clear and public explanation for these proposed changes.

I believe, experience has shown, over the past decade, that the Township is best served by an Administrator whose work experience is grounded in the day to day operation of municipal government. To make government work, you must understand how it works. You must be able to gain the respect and confidence of your fellow employees, especially your Department Heads. You must lead a unified team forward, if you hope to provide the municipal services our residents deserve, at a cost we can all afford.

Kimberly Krauss, with her 17 years of experience in Middle Township government, nearly a decade as our Municipal Clerk and seven years as our Deputy Administrator, is the most qualified candidate to fill this role.

This hiring, along with several other changes being considering, will revamp the Administrative function going forward.

In the past, the Administrator was supported by one Administrative Assistant. This restructuring would move the Administrative Suite to the first floor of Town Hall, where the Clerk/Administrator would be supported by an expanded Clerk’s Office Staff and an experienced Executive Assistant.

This reorganization will consolidate the day to day management of the Township in one, collaborative office under the supervision of the Clerk/Administrator.

This step will also place the Administrator in closer daily contact with the offices that interact with our residents and make the Administrator more accessible to the taxpayers.

So what is all this going to cost us?

Ms. Terenik’s contract included a generous severance package. Ms. Krauss will receive a significant salary increase for assuming this dual role. We will be giving salary increases to two employees in the Clerk’s Office who will be taking on expanded responsibilities and eventually, we may hire an additional, entry level employee to further support the Clerk/Administrator office, if needed.

The original projected combined cost for our Administrator and Municipal Clerk salaries in 2019 was $200,000 dollars.

Under this proposed plan, including the cost of Ms. Terenik’s severance package, the increased salaries for Ms. Krauss and her staff and the projected hiring in June of one additional employee, the cost for 2019 would be a several thousand dollars under the originally projected cost of $200,000.

In 2020, we would expect the savings made possible by this restructuring to be approximately $40,000, compared to the original 2019 projections.

Bottom-line, we believe this forward thinking approach will result in a better managed town at a reduced cost to our taxpayers. Change is never easy and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made, but positive change is always worth the effort.

In conclusion, as I begin my eighth year on Township Committee (and my second turn in the Mayor’s chair), the incoming majority remains committed to the principle that the primary role of municipal government is the cost effective and efficient delivery of excellent municipal services. We should do a few important things and we should do them well. We should never stop seeking new and innovative methods to improve on our performance.

In my opinion, we have strayed from these important principles in the past few years.

Today our focus returns to this core mission.

Tim Donohue
Middle Township, NJ