Code Blue for Animals

//Code Blue for Animals

Middle Township reminds residents to keep their pets safe during extreme temperatures such as those predicted this week.

The Township Ordinance dictates that animals be brought inside when the temperature is expected to go below 40 degrees and dogs in Middle Township cannot be chained or tethered outside after dark. As a reminder, metal water bowls are not safe for animals in extreme cold.

In general, most American dogs cannot be outside for extended periods of time when it is cold. Those dogs who can spend some time outside must have shelter to protect them from weather and provide comfort.  A dog house should permit a dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortable and yet be small enough to conserve body heat in the winter.  Houses should be insulated, raised up off the ground, contain clean straw bedding and have a door flap.  Off center doors provide more protection.  Plastic houses offer no protection from the cold.

Residents who see an animal in a distressing situation in the cold are encouraged to call the Middle Township Police Department at (609) 465-8700 to report the circumstances. Callers on behalf of a challenged animal can remain an anonymous concerned citizen, if they wish.  The address of the animal’s location should be given, along with descriptions of the situation and condition of the animal.

Another method of reporting a concern is by visiting the Middle Township Police Department website at, clicking on “Take Action” and then the “Tip” tab to leave an anonymous tip.

For more information about the Middle Township Animal Advisory Board or ways to help animals in any circumstance contact Dawn Stimmel at Middle Township Municipal Hall via (609) 465-8732 or