Building: 5 days per week, afternoon inspections

  • Footing inspection: bottom of trenches before pouring concrete.
  • Inspect foundation walls if steel reinforcing is required.
  • Foundation Inspection: after foundation walls are in place and before framing starts
  • Strap Inspection
  • Framing Inspection: when rough framing is complete and all rough plumbing and mechanical ducts are installed.


A completed and signed Framing Checklist is required to have a framing inspection done.  The framing checklist is to be filled out and signed by the responsible person in charge of work.  Compare construction to approved plans and check the corresponding boxes.  Sign where indicated.

  • Insulation Inspection: when insulation has been installed.
  • Drywall Inspection: only required if fire-chex drywall is specified on plans.
  • Final Inspection: after building is complete and before building is occupied. House numbers must be displayed.


Electric: 5 days per week, afternoon inspections


  • Temporary Pole: when pole is installed.
  • Rough Inspection: when rough wiring is complete
  • Temporary Service: when panel, meter socket and 1 receptacle are installed
  • Final Inspection: after temporary service has been installed and building has power.



Plumbing: 3 Days per Week

  • Rough Inspection: when all underground piping is installed or rough
  • piping is installed in building. A water or air test is required.
  • Gas Line Inspection: when all gas lines are installed in building. A
  • pressure test is required.
  • Final Inspection: when all fixtures, filters, and appliances are in place and
  • operating.

Fire: Tuesday and Thursday

  • Final when heat unit, fireplace, or wood stove is installed. When smoke
  • detectors are up and working.