Sustainable Jersey

“Sustainable Jersey” is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey to want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their qualify of life over the long term.

  • Identifies concrete actions that municipalities can implement to become “certified” and be considered leaders on the path to a sustainable community
  • Provides clear “how to” guidance and tools to enable communities to make progress on each action
  • Provides access to grants, and identifies existing and new funding opportunities for municipalities to make progress toward the actions
  • Encompasses the 3 equal, interrelated components of sustainability:
    Prosperity – support your local economy and utilize community resourcesPlanet – practice responsible environmental management and conservationPeople – embrace social equity and fairnessCertification actions are developed through an ongoing process of discussion and research that includes the participation of over 150 New Jersey leaders, experts and organizations including state agencies, universities, non-profit organizations, and business leaders.