Dog Licensing Enforcement in Middle Township

//Dog Licensing Enforcement in Middle Township

Middle Township Animal Control will be enforcing the Township Ordinance requiring residents to register their dogs. Animal Control Officer Bill Candell said “Rabies is a 100% fatal virus and vaccinating your animals is the greatest defense against rabies. The licensing process ensures that dogs are vaccinated against rabies. There have been 12 free rabies vaccination clinics in Cape May County. There have been numerous press releases about rabies and the need for licensing of dogs since rabies was found in Middle Township in December of 2012.”

Middle Township Animal Control will be reviewing all calls for the last 3 years, in which warnings were given about licensing dogs, and comparing them to the 2017 list of licensed dogs. Beginning August 15th as unlicensed dogs are discovered a visit will be made, by Animal Control, to the home of the dog owner that has been warned about licensing but has not yet licensed. Previously warned dog owners that have not licensed a dog in 2017 who are still in possession of an unlicensed dog will receive a summons requiring a court appearance.

All dogs over six months of age must be licensed by January 31st of each year.  A rabies vaccination, that is current until November 1st of the licensing year, is required to receive a license.  A dog that wears a proper license can be easily returned to its owner if it is found.  Recovering a lost dog at the shelter can cost the pet owner at least $45.00 while a 1 year license costs under $12.00 and a 3 year license costs less than $36.00.