Mayor Seeks Funding for More Street Lights in Rio Grande

//Mayor Seeks Funding for More Street Lights in Rio Grande

In response to resident feedback, Mayor Tim Donohue announced he would seek $20,000 in new funding for street lighting in the Rio Grande area. The Township has budgeted no funds for additional for street lights for many years.  Donohue said that while budgets remain tight, public safety has to be the municipality’s number one priority.  

“We have balked at spending these funds in the past. Street lighting is expensive and each new light produces a new monthly electric bill that we must pay going forward,” Donohue said. “But if we are to stand by our recent commitment to real and positive change in the Rio Grande area, we have to put our money where our mouth is to make the area safer.”

Donohue said that thanks to vocal residents he is well aware of some locations in real need of more lighting. The Mayor will seek input from the Middle Township Police Department, as well.  Donohue encouraged residents who know of areas where more lighting could potentially reduce criminal activity to contact his office at .