Middle Township Details Deadline to Pay 2017 Taxes, Charges

//Middle Township Details Deadline to Pay 2017 Taxes, Charges

Middle Township will hold an accelerated tax sale on December 20, 2017. All 2017 property taxes, water, sewer and other municipal charges must be paid in full by November 13, 2017 to avoid the tax sale process. Properties with delinquent accounts after that date will be placed on the tax sale list advertised in the Cape May County Herald and accessible on middletownship.com. The published list will not be revised; however, property owners can avoid the tax sale by bringing all accounts current by December 19.

Beginning November 14 and through December 19, the township can only accept cashier’s checks, cash or money orders for past due accounts and any checks, electronic or credit card payments sent in will be returned. Additionally, delinquent accounts will incur fees associated with the tax sale that includes interest, penalty and in lieu of fees for mailings and advertising. There will be more specific instructions if both taxes and sewer are owed.

“No one enjoys paying taxes. To avoid making the process a painful one, I encourage all residents and property owners to understand their obligations and the deadlines involved,¨ Committeeman Tim Donohue said. ¨Simply by paying your taxes on time, you avoid any headaches involved in being included in the tax sale. By law, we can not waive any tax obligations, even the smallest amounts, or change any filing deadlines. We hate to see folks get caught up in this process for small amounts of money. Just pay on time. It’s that simple.”

Middle Township began holding accelerated tax sales in 2014, as the measure helps keep the tax levy stable. The municipality must budget a reserve amount for uncollected taxes, and the accelerated sale also bolsters the collection rate.

Notices are mailed throughout the year for past due accounts and property owners receive notice of the accelerated tax sale and corresponding information with tax bills mailed in July. For more information, call the tax collector’s office at 609-465-8724.