Middle Township has “Gone To The Dogs” on June 23rd

//Middle Township has “Gone To The Dogs” on June 23rd

The Township of Middle has joined workplaces around the in opening their doors to employees’ furry, four -legged best friends for the PSI’s 19th Annual Take Your Dog To Work Day(TYDTWDay®).

TYDTWDay was established by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999. This annual event urges businesses around the globe to experience the joys of dogs in the workplace for just one day to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to promote adoptions from local shelters, rescue groups and humane societies.

The 2017 celebration marks Middle Township’s 3rd year of TYDTWDay participation. “Middle Township is excited to go to the dogs for a good cause! We see this event as a way to recognize the important role dogs play in our employees’ lives and an opportunity to make a positive impact on our local community,” says Middle Township Mayor Michael Clark.

For more information on PSI’s Take Your Dog To Work Day, visit www.takeyourdog.com.