Middle Township Seeking Input From Residents on Recreation Site

//Middle Township Seeking Input From Residents on Recreation Site

Middle Township is looking for public comment and input from our residents on the Future of Recreation in Rio Grande. On June 20th, a public meeting was held at the Rio Grande Fire Hall seeking public input for the park on Railroad Avenue. Approximately 25 residents came out and voiced their opinions.

 The Township has hired the firm CME (Consulting and Municipal Engineers) to design the park. CME has preliminarily designed 3 options, labeled A, B, & C. These concept designs were taken directly from public comment on June 20th. The concept designs can be viewed on a large scale at Township Hall and are also available on a smaller scale on our website www.middletownship.com.

 “The Rio Grande Park has been on the radar for some time now. I am excited to be giving it the attention it deserves, Hopefully, our grant funding request will be approved by the County Open Space Board”, said Mayor Michael Clark.

 The Township will be applying to the Cape May County Open Space Board in August for grant funding of the park. Input from our residents is highly valued and we want to hear what you have to say. Please send all comments to the Grants and Economic Development Coordinator, Nancy Sittineri at nsittineri@middletownship.com

Design – Final Version