Public information meeting to be held on August 5th.

As part of the Middle Township’s ongoing efforts to boost job creation and economic development, Mayor Tim Donohue, Administrator Kimberly Krauss and a group of Township Department Heads met in early July with the principal owners of INSA, a cannabis cultivation and distribution company based in Massachusetts.

INSA is a multi-state, vertically integrated cannabis company that has been in operation since 2017. They currently have operations in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. INSA would like to pursue a medical marijuana license in NJ, for a facility to be located in the Township. In order to apply to the state, INSA would need a letter of support from Middle Township.

Middle Township Committee will host INSA for a public information presentation at 6:00 pm on August 5th, as part of the Township’s Regular Meeting agenda. The public is encouraged to attend.

“We know folks will have many questions and concerns regarding this innovative proposal for our town,” Mayor Tim Donohue said. “As a governing body, we share these concerns. So far, we have been impressed with INSA, their principal owners and the very public-conscious way they do business. The potential benefits, in job growth and economic activity, are certainly worth exploring.”

INSA is proposing to build a 30,00 to 40,000 square foot cultivation and production facility on the site of the former La Monica Brands processing plant on Indian Trail.

At the facility, INSA would cultivation cannabis, process cannabis plant material into cannabis oil, use the cannabis oil to manufacture products and package cannabis products for sale.

Kim Krauss, Committeeman Mike Clark and representatives of the Middle Township Police Department traveled to Springfield, MA on July 24 to meet with local elected officials, law enforcement and to tour the company’s production and retail facilities.

“It was a worthwhile trip,” said Clark. “The local officials described a great working relationship with INSA. Law enforcement has had no problems related to INSA’s operations. The company’s facilities were very secure and well managed.”

The products produced from the proposed site would be transported (via a discreet, secure transport vehicle) to medical marijuana dispensaries throughout NJ. INSA also intends to operate a medical cannabis dispensary at the proposed site.

There will be significant security at the facility. INSA will equip the facility with interior and exterior security cameras, motion sensors, glass break detectors, access controls, panic/duress alarms, and two-way bullhorns. In addition, INSA we will have a security team with a physical presence on site.

None of the cannabis plants and/or products will be visible from outside the building. All cultivation and processing is indoors. INSA controls the airflow in the facility and employs an air filtration system to prevent any odor issues.

All products are tracked in a inventory management system from seed-to-sale. By meticulously tracking plants and products, INSA prevents diversion of the product.

The development of a medical cannabis facility would help drive economic growth in the area. INSA expects the facility will employ 75-100 people, year round, in both salaried and hourly positions. Hourly positions typically pay between $14-$25/hr and salaried positions range from $50,000 – $150,000. INSA would give hiring preference to members of the local community.

“I encourage residents to attend the presentation on August 5th,” Committeeman Ike Gandy said. “There are many in our community and county who could benefit from the medicinal uses of cannabis. Many are now traveling great distances outside our area to fill their needs. If we have the ability to improve access for these folks, while bringing quality, year-round jobs and economic activity to Middle Township, this is certainly a concept worth exploring.”