Mr. Darcy is Middle Township’s 2017 Top Dog

//Mr. Darcy is Middle Township’s 2017 Top Dog

Top Dog 2017-Mr DarcyAt its 6 p.m. meeting last night, the Middle Township Committee, in conjunction with the Middle Township Animal Advisory Board, honored Mr. Darcy as its 2017 Top Dog.

Six-year-old Mr. Darcy is a beagle-elk hound mix who resides with Patricia and Russ Roegner. The Roegners rescued Mr. Darcy from a no-kill shelter in the Shenandoah Mountains. According to his owners, Mr. Darcy loves treats, long walks, doggie parks and bigger friendly dogs.

Mr. Darcy is a reminder to license dogs for the new year and update rabies vaccinations, if necessary. Animal Control Officer Bill Candell will continue to canvass the community to be certain each dog is licensed as per State law.

Licensing benefits dogs and people in multiple ways:

  • A licensed dog gets a free ride home, if lost.
  • A licensed dog does not have to go to the shelter, if lost.
  • Since licensed dogs can go home, they do not require shelter intake and care. This saves time and money and allows shelter staff to concentrate on finding homes for abandoned or relinquished animals.
  • A license tells everyone that the dog is appropriately vaccinated against rabies.
  • Part of the license fee funds free rabies clinics throughout the State.
  • Unaltered dog’s license fees require a contribution to the State Animal Population Control Program. These funds return to the community at participating veterinary offices which utilize the funds to alter animals of financially challenged residents.
  • Knowing how many dogs are in the community permits successful planning for emergencies and evacuations. The more dogs that are licensed the better.

Learn more about the Middle Township Animal Advisory Board or licensing by contacting Dawn Stimmel at Middle Township Municipal Hall via (609) 465-8732 or