For Homeowners designing their own construction:

Two sets of construction plans to include:

  • Footing and Foundation
  • Floor Plans
  • Wall Section
  • Elevations
  • Typical Stair Section
  • All connectors for High Wind
  • Design pressure for window
  • Code designed to (As of August 19, 2007 use 2009 IRC for One and two family dwellings), For high wind you may use SSTD 10-99 and the wood frame construction manual)

For remodeling existing structures include floor plans of existing conditions and floor plans for after the work is completed.

Each contractor or sub-contractor must complete his required form from the list above. Electrical and plumbing contractors must seal their applications. It is suggested that whenever a homeowner is having a contactor perform work they have that contractor fill out the necessary application.  If you sign as the contractor you may forfeit your rights to pursue faulty workmanship.

Please include an e-mail address for faster processing of review comments.  If no e-mail is available please include fax #.

To comply with the Energy Sub Code go to

Click online Compliance Tools, Click REScheck-web online Code Compliance.

Input New Jersey as Code and State.

Click start REScheck web.  In notes section put address of project.

Click on envelope, input needed information for all sections that apply to your project.

Please note that the space marked for continuous insulation is for use  when you are adding additional insulation above what you are installing in the cavity R value section.

Do not select any items that do not apply to your project.  Click on the Mechanical section.  Click on type of heat you are currently using or plan to install.  In the AFUE Section insert the correct number.  If you have central air conditioning or plan to install, insert the correct SEER number in that section.

When all information has been entered click Check Compliance.  If you pass, click the printer icon to printout the report.  You will need two copies for permit.  If you do not pass……you will need to install more insulation, more efficient windows or more efficient HVAC.

To see if you may be located in a Flood Zone or Fresh Water Wetlands, go to the Flood Hazard Section

To view Codes adopted in New Jersey go to:

Other Approvals:

Zoning Permit

Department of Health permit for septic and well or authorization to tie into public utilities.

Department of Transportation permit if property discharges onto a state highway.

Survey of property with proposed location of construction.

Two sets of plans. These must be sealed by a New Jersey State licensed architect or drawn by homeowner if owner-occupied. They must be accompanied by a piling layout, if structure is on pilings.

A Model Energy Code Compliance Certificate is required on all single family dwellings.

Department of Environmental Protection approval in environmentally sensitive areas.

If all of the above information is supplied at the time of application, this will expedite the issuance of your building permit. Delays are caused by incomplete applications.