Middle Township is subject to tidal flooding along the Delaware Bay front and along the back bays adjacent to Grassy Sound, Stone Harbor Manor and Avalon Manor. Some tidal creeks are also subject to flooding. A detailed map showing the 100 year flood plain is on file in the construction office. Homeowners insurance does not cover losses caused by flooding. Middle Township participates in the National Flood Insurance Program which makes flood insurance available to everyone. There is a 30 day waiting period before the insurance policy takes effect. We recommend that everyone within the 100 year flood plain obtain flood insurance to protect your investment in your home and its contents. Some informative materials dealing with coastal construction, flood insurance guidelines, and flood prevention are available in the Cape May County Library or the Middle Township Construction Office.

All new construction in the 100 year flood plain is subject to certain building regulations. The first floor elevation must be 1 foot above base flood elevation for a total of 10 feet. All electrical and mechanical equipment must be above this elevation also. All fuel and gas tanks must be anchored to prevent damage during a flood. Special flood vents must be used in the flood hazard area to prevent damage to the foundation in the event of a flood.


To see if your property may be located in a flood zone go to www.capemaycountyims.net

Click on maps, click accept, click on parcels and click ok.

Check the box marked flood plains then click refresh map.  Clock start search and enter address.  If you are located in a flood zone your property will be in an area that is highlighted red.  If in a Flood Zone, you must meet all of the Flood requirements for construction and substantial improvement.


To check for Fresh Water Wetlands, follow the above procedure but check the soils box.  When the map with you parcel comes up, in the drop down box at the top of the page click on soils.  In the menu line at the top of the page click on the arrow and the click on your property.  The soil type will be displayed.  If your soil is any of the following you will need an absence or presence letter from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  Soil Types:  Aptv, BEXS, HbmB, HboA, Makt, Mmtv, Pdwv, Trkv.

For CAFRA and Fresh Water Wetlands information and forms go to: www.state.nj.us/dep